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Science Builders Group 2012-2013

We have a new page for the builders group: Check out MakerSpace


Old Builder's Page

Wednesdays from 3:20 to 5:30 pm in Building 2 MakerSpace for 2012-13.


Builders Links  Projects, Interesting Places for Ideas, Cool Things, Makerspaces  New links 3/26/12---Found a good site for projects-- let me know.  I'll put it up for all of us. 
Places to Read and Browse
General Project Sites
Specific Projects We Like
Useful Circuits
Robot Specific
Shop for Projects Sites selling cool projects
Museums, Tech Art, and Cool Information Electronic Tutorials too

News of Now MakerSpace Pictures

9/26/12  Metal working tools uncovered and bolted to the tables--still need power to the small mill. Electronics Class continued with enough space to spread out.  3d printer arrived and set up--first print next week as we research how to work it.  CAD software installed on the programming computer.  Dental Bot Brains still under construction. 

9/19/12 Much work has gone into the MakerSpace and we now have something we can use but there is a lot of sorting needed.  Desks in, and we now have stools for the electronics bench.  Work on the Dental Bot Brains Started.  Organizing first Project--Sock Monkey Massacre--Halloween scare.  Sewing machines brought in and polymer clay oven. 

9/12/12 Basic Electronics Class Started, Need more desks. Exhaust fan mounted to the window. 

9/4/12 Sorting and Planning what to do with our new space. Looking for all the electronics kits we inherited from the industrial arts program.  We are in debt to their equipment and supplies.

8/28/12 Bought electronics benches at OU auction and delivered.  We have most of the resources now we need to organize it.   

3/10/2012 MakerSpace/Robot Lab Started!  Finally we can organize what we do in a central location!  I am looking forward to this, it is the synergy we need.  Take a look at the following pdf for ideas on putting a makerspace together.

We already have many of the basic hand tools and can scrape together most of the furnishing.  I salvaged a lot of the electrical and metalworking tools from the demise of the industrial arts program, now we can set them up.  The excitement for me is in the new technologies that we don't have--laser cutting and 3d printing.  We have to find a way to secure the funding for these in the future.  Also textiles didn't occur to me at first, but this is a natural for us as well.  I already have the sewing machines in my collection.  Our location so close to the computer lab is a plus as we will expand into more CAD and other online tools. 

I already have the perfect large robot project for it...The Dental Drill Bot.  I have a 60s dental drill pedestal with the drill, water squirter and sucking tube. Imagine a 7 foot monster rolling toward you saying "Rinse and spit please."  Gives me the willies. Maybe we could also dress it up as an evil clown.

Older News

We will continue to pursue a practical (and safe) hydrogen generator, (I have some new ideas) and assist in running a sanctioned Rube Goldberg Machine Contest for the local schools in the area. (Over with)
Yes, we can field a Rube Goldberg team and compete to get to the National finals (if we win).

In addition we will put on our first Weird Science Carnival and there will be a lot of building to do here.  (Over with and successful!)

Check out the RG Web site

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest our page

Weird Science Carnival Feb. 4, 2012



New Projects


In Development

Small Projects







Old News

3/30/11 Video of our Current Projects (YouTube)

April 2 is Super Science Saturday and we have the Vortex Vending Machine to complete.

We also need to start a collection of junk to disassemble for the Deconstruction Station.  See what you have around the house.  This year we will actually separate the junk into recycling piles and educate the group about the dangers and proper disposal of Electronic Waste. 

We need to build the robot arena for the Rumble so that it can be easily dissembled and stored.  As you know we have no room and too much junk.



10/11/10  Monsters in a can installed!!!!!  What a Rush.  Thanks for all the extra time you put in.  We got 7 cans running and they look AWESOME.  Thanks Mitch for the invaluable work on the programming and circuit design.  We are obviously learning from the best!  We will all take the tour on Wednesday and finish the ones we have left.  We still need to develop 2 of them with all the bells and whistles as a tribute to what we can do.

10/4-8 BIG PUSH THIS WEEK to get the Monsters in a Can Finished for the haunted house.  If you can put in some extra time we need it.

9/10/10 News: We got the grant!  Micro-Controllers, Here we come!

We will be focusing on micro-controllers this year--Arduinos.  Our projects are just about to become "Smart".

First Project: Scary Stuff for the Hunted House! 

But as always, you may work on your own projects, and of course, there are many things to create and destroy.

Are You A Builder???

Special topics will be presented over the course of the year and we will explore them with hands-on projects.

Parents who wish to participate are welcome to join us in the fun.  Bring your special knowledge, your inventor's spirit, and of course, your special screwdriver.

Time is Wednesday after school in Room 305 'til 5pm

Remember--SAFETY FIRST!!!
When dealing with electricity or other potentially dangerous forces or objects--Use your head.  As with any science experiments, Stay Alert and Proceed with Caution.  Most accidents are a combination of small, innocent looking things that by themselves look harmless, but together become big and dangerous.  The best accident is the one that NEVER happened.  Check it out with an expert to be very sure you will be safe and injury free.



e-Tech Ohio, S.T.E.M. Robotic Challenge 2010

We are Back!  It was an intense learning and building event.  We were the only ones to put a football over the competition barrier and fly a Pirate Flag.  We won 2 out of 4 battles.  Great Job Erich, Wyatt, and Craig  "Youse Guys ROCK!"  
Overheard: Craig, where's your jacket?  Erich, aka International Man of Mystery.  Oh No, Where's Wyatt!   If we are going to Easton, why are we approaching Westerville?  When in doubt, Speed up or make a U-turn.

e-Tech Ohio, S.T.E.M. Robotic Challenge Pictures  Taken by Mr King

Pictures Taken by the People from the Robotic Challenge     Many pics--6 or so of us.



Great News! Jan 8th, 2010  Our Little Robot Group has qualified to go to Columbus and compete in the e-Tech Ohio, S.T.E.M. Robotic Challenge! (Feb. 1,2, and 3) Yay for us! Now we need to figure out what this will entail and get planning.


Year 09-10   I See Robots and Advanced Energy In Our Future



If you want to see where I am going with this check out BEAM


Check out the Ohio Robot Club especially the H.O.R.D. competition.  How would you like to compete like this?  Pictures of their 'bots


And here is a competition venue that is just North of Columbus in Marion Ohio which we could enter without major travel or steep entrance fees.  Our own WHS graduate Corey Wunderlich took Silver for the University of Akron.

Silver Award 2009

University of Akron

Team Captain: Cory Wunderlich


And of course Vex and Lego robots.



Other Builder's Thoughts

Check out the propulsion on this little boat

A little more about surface tension



And how about a little green building











Old Stuff

New News: Robot Rumble Time Time to build our 'bots

Old News We built for the science olympiad team for their competition on March 7th and many of us went with our projects.

Old News: First Learn and Serve Trip on Friday Dec. 5th to Reuse Industries a Non-Profit recycling center and we will concentrate on electronic waste.  This is a service project.  It is also where I get most of my electronic parts.

Current and Completed Projects:

We need to start the Robot Rumble Building.

Solar Cell projects

Robot monster to terrorize the hallway

Electric field detectors

Telescope assembly, mirroring project

Gauss gun, magnetic linear accelerator--done but more may be in store with this

Static repulsion bell--Done

Mechanical timer--Done but not too well

Scale made from scrap materials--Done

Tennis ball launcher--Done

TermaTubbie and friends--Done

Solenoid projects----Done

Remote control switches (for pranks)--done


Future Projects

Wii smartboard project

Infrared viewer from an old camera

Capacitor flash units (maybe with the remote control switches)

and many misc. disassembly projects


Think of something you want to build or play with?  Sounds Good to Us


Are You A Builder?

Special topics will be presented over the course of the year and we will explore them with hands-on projects.

Robot Rumble will be our big end of the year project and will be open to anybody with a modified remote controlled vehicle up to 4 kg.

Learn and Serve

We also have the opportunity to join in the Learn and Serve movement.  In keeping with their philosophy of serving the community, we will be mentoring BV Elementary students in mechanical and electrical construction techniques as well as doing some voluntary work at a technology disassembly center in Athens County--Both as a official field trip and on a few Saturdays during the year. (Especially when we need supplies) 

Come join us.










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